from may 16th to may 17th, 2018, the 2nd china mobile phone manufacturing technology  exhibition (cmm2018) was held at the gd modern international exhibition center in dongguan, guangdong. as the world's leading provider of mobile intelligent manufacturing solutions, cygia has introduced a variety of advanced equipments to the show, including semiconductor automatic test line,butterfly——pcba standard test platform, river——fpca bending machine and other equipments. it shined during the exhibition and attracted a large number of visitors' eyes!

during this exhibition, cygia's flagship product in the field of chip testing, semiconductor automatic test line, has attracted a lot of attention and inquiries.

semiconductor automatic test line

semiconductor automatic test line focuses on the automated testing of micro semiconductor chips. the test functions include electrical performance testing, optical performance testing, and thermal performance testing. the equipment has high efficiency and high stability contributes to a high uph that reaches 3600pcs/h. the test and the loading machine adopt a separate modular design to ensure the line body is easy to maintain and upgrade.

butterfly——pcba standard test platform

as a pcba standard test platform developed by cygia, butterfly has attract a great attention among many visitors. there're a lot of interested professional visitors stop here and ask our exhibitors for more details on the equipment. butterfly has the characteristics of small size, modular design, short development cycle, low cost, wide application range, and easy automation.

representative and engineers introduce the equipment to the audience in detail

cygia's state-of-the-art exhibits and professional images caught the attention of the media. reporters from tencent, sohu and ifeng video came to the cygia booth to shoot news footage, and eric zhang, the business director at the scene, was present at the site. conduct an interview. director zhang briefed the reporter on the basic information of cygia, and provided detailed explanations on the specific circumstances of cygia's participation in the exhibition.

director zhang accepts media interview

the audiences who came to the exhibition were mostly professional visitors with a strong purpose. they came from the major brands and manufacturing links of chinese mobile phone manufacturing. in this exhibition, cygia displayed advanced technologies and equipment in the field of mobile phone manufacturing and testing to these professional audiences. it also combed out some difficulties and pain points of their needs in order to further build up the professional image of smart equipment and solution providers, which has laid a solid foundation for the potential cooperation between the two parties.

other exhibiting equipment:

semiconductor automation test line,   pcba standard test platform,   river——fpca bending machine,   cable tester,   solder paste intelligent storage machine