august 28--30, 2018, nepcon south china 2018, which brought together the latest equipment and solutions for the electronics industry, officially held at the shenzhen convention and exhibition center. this exhibition attracted 650 brands from 22 countries and regions, covering all aspects of the electronics manufacturing supply chain, including panasonic, yamaha, kuka, keyence and other top companies. as an equipment and solution provider of intelligent factory, cygia presented the cutting-edge test equipment and concept-leading smart factory overall solution at the show.

a tremendous number of visitors

this exhibition displayed a good image of cygia, highlighting its r&d strength in hardware and software. cygia brought exhibits including semiconductor automatic test line, aoi appearance automatic optical inspection equipment, and the smart factory overall solution to the show, which reflected the profound technical accumulation of cygia in the industry. visitors and our team conducted in-depth communication on their needs at the booth.

visitors communicate with cygia's team

the smart factory central control platform integrates intelligent equipment, software, warehousing, and logistics. it is to promote information integration, realize resource sharing, centralize management, control, optimization, and scheduling, and create economic and brand effect for enterprises.

smart factory central control platform

aoi appearance automatic test line, as an intelligent test solution, is for six-sided appearance inspection of ic chip. there are four main advantages, high output, high precision, high flexibility and high continuous working time. it can perfectly realize surface inspection, printing detection, defect detection, and other functions.

aoi appearance automatic test line

following cygia’s concept of modular design as usual, at the premise of ensuring equipment operating efficiently, the tossing rate and jam rate of this semiconductor automatic test line are at the top of the industry. test items are including optical performance, electrical performance, and thermal performance.

semiconductor automatic test line

solder paste intelligent storage machine is for automatic management of solder paste, which can record data and refrigerate, warm up and stir the solder paste. it is perfectly meet different needs of smt industry nowadays.

solder paste intelligent storage solution

cygia has never forgotten its responsibilities and will continuously immerse in intelligent equipment manufacturing and automation overall solution, improve the manufacturing and research capabilities, keep investment and r&d from the most basic fixture manufacturing to the upper mes, erp, alc, tm and other system architectures. as a small part of china's huge manufacturing industry, cygia is striving to achieve china's manufacturing goal in 2025!