march 25th, 5 days of cebit in hannover international exhibition center , germany.

cebit is the world’s largest ict international event, which is the consumer electronics, information and communications expo. since 1986, it has been held every year in hannover, germany. this exhibition is a comprehensive display of digital, home and office communication solutions in the field of innovation. “digital” as an important part of the construction of intelligent factories, cygia has focused on this field of research and development.

director mr. yongxiang cao was at the event site(second from right)

cygia has explored in the field of intelligent manufacturing for a long time. as the leading intelligent equipment factory and solution provider, cygia developed a series of software platforms for intelligent factory:

  • ispc: production line data analysis software
  • imes: intelligent production execution software
  • test manager: test system software platform
  • auto machine: smart assembly software platform

by these platforms, cygia can provide a complete intelligent plant control system to customers, to improve the production efficiency and strengthen the production line control.

based on the entire intelligent plant system, cygia has developed a series of standardized solutions, including butterfly for pcba testing, piano for keyboard function testing, river for fpca bending, etc.

butterfly is the result of cygia’s years of research and development in testing field. butterfly was born of shortening the development time and production time, helping customers to save costs and improve business competitiveness. butterfly adopts a modular design and an integrated test system to achieve rapid development and production of new solutions, widely used in smart phones, computers, wearable equipment pcba test.

piano is a solution for keyboard function testing. it can simulate products’s working environment and implement tests of connectivity and key performance parameters.

river is a set of solutions specifically for fpca bending. it can develop desktop type (semi-automatic) and vertical type (automatic) according to different needs. the bending process is monitored and the bending shape is precisely controlled.

a camera module assembly line also attracted visitors attention. this line is mainly for vehicle cameras that implements process of assembly, burn-in, auto-adjusting eccentricity, functional test, etc. it is a high efficient and automated line.