on december 26, cygia 2017 intern graduation ceremony was held in zhuhai.

cygia board member and president of cygia university gason wang, board member bravery cao, ceo alven cheung, coo rich mao, cto mark xu and daming technology gm ryan ruan, 97 interns, 38 mentors and counselors and leaders of different departments attended the graduation ceremony.

the graduation ceremony mainly focused on the intern group reporting performance. the interns were divided into nine groups, to summarize the training and internship experience in the six months. the interns were full of their own creativity, with a variety of new forms, such as drama, poetry reading and radio host, which had showed their harvest and growth in the six months. meanwhile, leader representatives graded each group to select the excellent group according to the report content.

awards for outstanding teams

after the intern report, cto mark and daming technology gm ryan both gave a speech. mark said, as a technology developer, you should not be afraid to make mistakes. only by making mistakes and correcting them, can we make progress. in ryan's speech, he pointed out that we should keep a rigorous attitude in the design and r&d work and hoped intern could exert their talents with rigorous thinking on the cygia grand platform.

mark(left) & ryan(right)

finally, president of cygia university gason wang distributed the graduation certificate to department leaders and representatives. they awarded the graduation certificate to each intern. the ceremony indicated the 2017 interns graduated from cygia university and became the official cygia employees.

president of cygia university gason wang distributed diplomas

cygia has invested a lot of resources to promote various training for 2017 interns. they have been through a six-month training, which was including military training, intensive training, character building training, rotation internship and other training programs. it has helped the graduates to quickly get familiar with their roles and integrate themselves into enterprises. the integration of new blood will provide a constant source of motivation and innovation for the continuous development of cygia, which will enable cygia to show stronger strength and achieve better development in intelligent manufacturing.