on march 21, 2019, in order to inspect the development of china's industrial automation and intelligent equipment, and to understand the technological development level of the manufacturing industry, the china national defense industrial enterprise association came to changyuan group intelligent automation(cygia) to conduct research visits.

    according to the pre-arranged tour route, the guests of the association made a full visit to cygia. in the exhibition hall, the guests learned about the development process of cygia, and through the explanation of the machine parts, needle plate modules, equipment examples and product videos, the directors have a product for cygia.  at the same time, the overall solution of the smart factory displayed by cygia left a deep impression on the guests. the guests all asked the instructors for some detailed information about the equipment, and hoped to learn more about cygia in this regard. r & d capabilities.

    later, the guests went to the precision processing workshop to visit. different from the exhibition hall, the precision processing workshop is unremarkable in terms of visual perception. however, after the instructor gave a vivid description to the guests, a group of people learned about these seemingly ordinary equipments, hiding some of the core enterprises rely on for survival. competitiveness. high-precision device processing and production is an important guarantee for the equipment to achieve advanced performance.

    finally and the most important one, the guests came to the production workshop to visit. the workshop is full of finished equipment and equipment under development, including a series of high-tech equipment such as chip testing and soft board testing. at the scene, the r&d engineers of the corresponding equipment were also arranged to explain and further analyze the interested parties with technical background.