the 2017 international consumer electronics (ces 2017) took place in las vegas on january 5-8. intelligent automation of changyuan group (cygia) had its first show on ces successfully as a leading enterprise of automation industry, with its latest technology.


as an annual weathervane of the global electronics market, ces 2017 hit visitors with various future technologies: unmanned vehicles, uav, new energy vehicles, vr/ar, smart home, etc. as for cygia, we hit with the latest standard automated solution—-.

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butterfly is the first standard automated solution from cygia, which is mainly for pcba test of consumer electronics industry. the whole structure and the user-interface are built on own-designed platform, which can realize rapid production; via integrating functional test card modules, butterfly will be compatible for different test targets. with butterfly, the lead time is shortened to 2-3 weeks. the development period is greatly reduced compares with current solutions.standard automated equipment is an important part in the development strategy of cygia, and butterfly is the first step. the debut on ces has been a milestone of our global automation market promotion.

except butterfly, cygia also exhibited non-standard automated solutions includingatm simulator chamber, , keyboard functional tester for consumer electronics, and.

cygia will launch more standard automated solutions to empower worldwide technology enterprises in 2017!