from june 19 to 22, 2018, automatica (international robot and automation technology exhibition) was held in munich, germany. as the most influential and internationally renowned exhibition in the field of robotics and automation, automatica attracts outstanding enterprises in the field of robotics and automation from all over the world to share the latest technologies. cygia was present at the exhibition with siemens, abb, omron, epson and other famous enterprises.

many famous enterprises attended the exhibition

as the industry's leading provider of "smart factory equipment and solutions", cygia has been committed to the development of smart factory solutions, providing high-quality intelligent manufacturing software and hardware solutions for various industries. at automatica 2018, cygia brought a number of outstanding solutions to showcase its strong corporate strength and technical capabilities!

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cygia provides intelligent manufacturing solutions for different fields, including consumer electronics industry, new energy vehicles industry, semiconductors industry, lighting industry and so on.

some application area

in the field of new energy vehicles, cygia has mature project experiences in motor controller assembly, obc assembly, inverter assembly, fuel cell assembly, radar assembly and other automation line. under the background of strong development momentum of new energy vehicles and strong market demand, we provide high-quality intelligent manufacturing solutions for enterprises.

among them, cygia's automated testing technology is leading the world in consumer electronics industry. during the exhibition, we showed the visitors various solutions in different fields such as pcba test, micro semiconductor chip test, camera test (aa) and sensor test and so on.

during the exhibition, our solutions attracted many eyes from the visitors which are from bmw, philips, denso and other enterprise. they showed great interest in the different automation solutions of cygia and had a detailed exchange with exhibitors. in particular, cygia’s agv for smart factory logistics had received attention from numberous visitors.

intelligent logistics coordinator - agv: cygia's self-developed agv can achieve a load of 1.5-6.0 tons, and has broad application prospects in the warehousing industry, smart factories, and unmanned ports. its parallel operation, automation, and intelligent features can meet changing handling requirements in different scenarios, realize complex system planning, and achieve efficient and automatic logistics coordination.---<agv detailed introduction>

at the same time, during the exhibition, cygia also attracted media from the exhibition, they interviewed and reported cygia.

business director eric cheong accepts media interviews

content of the newspaper

eric cheong, business director cygia intelligent automation

"our company exists for 11 years and is listed at the shanghai stock exchange. we are a leading provider in the field of testing and automation solutions. here we are focusing well on the high end market. on one hand we are active in the area of highly integrated consumer products and on the other hand in the automotive industry. we have also business in the medical and new energy area, etc. our customers include worldwide active global market leaders."

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