in order to better respond to customer needs, provide faster technical support and after-sales service to customers in southwestern china, and to better introduce local talents and develop innovative technologies, cygia finally chose chengdu high-tech zone funian plaza to set up a research and development base. it officially opened on december 31, 2019.

   ceo rich mao, deputy general manager owen zhou, director of bu1 ivan zhou, director of bu3 eddy ma, and director of pmo ben song attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebrated with the employees of the chengdu branch. the atmosphere at the scene was exciting and joyful, and everyone shared this momentous moment.


  chengdu branch is situated in a grade a office building in funian plaza, wuhou district, chengdu. it is in an excellent location and a beautiful office environment. chengdu branch will serve as the talent supply base of cygia, and senior engineers and experts in electronics, machinery, and software have now settled in. the company will continue to enhance the investment of scientific research personnel to provide technical support for faster and better response to customer needs, and also provide core competitive advantages for cygia's efforts to become a world-class industrial automation equipment provider.

  the establishment of the chengdu branch also marks the continuous improvement of our global customer service system. so far, cygia has established our research bases in east china, south china, and southwest china, and has set up multiple offices in the united states, japan, the philippines, and brazil.

  in the coming new year of 2020, let us look forward to the future together and continue to break the wave of new goals. finally, in this day of resignation and congratulations, congratulations to cygia chengdu branch for its great opening and prosperity!