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microchip automatic test line(1)

for semiconductor microchip;
product size as small as 3 * 3mm.
test item:
electrical performance; light performance; thermal performance.

the production line is mainly used in the automatic testing of microsemiconductor chip.the production line adopts modular design, consisting of five different functional test modules and loading modules and unloading modules.


test item

◆ electrical performance

◆ light performance

◆ thermal performance


performance & features

◆ fully automatic design, advanced system integration technology.

◆ blind loading & unloading, high efficiency: uph> 3600.

◆ jam rate: 1/5000, tossing rate: 1/1000.

◆ the production line consists of the loading module, unloading module and test module (test cabinet, transport cabinet), which can be combined into different models according to different test requirements.

◆ composite robot with optical positioning system and vacuum system: high-precision positioning, poka yoke and bar code recognition.

◆ recycled design, the carrier is automatically recycling in the test line without the human operator.

◆ production line designed for a dust-free workshop, each test cabinets are equipped with fan filter module (ffu). it can meet class 1000 clean room requirements.