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piano—solution for keyboard test

tests keyboard connectivity and performance.
single tapping in 50ms.
wide range tapping forces.
5 test points testing .
real-time displays test status.

keyboard press tester is a professional automatic test equipment designed for keyboard can simulate products' (dut)working environment and implement tests of connectivity and key performance parameters.test software is available for mac& windows systems.

functional features

◆ detect keyboard connectivity and keyboard performance.

◆ rapid tapping in 50ms.

◆ five test points detection.

◆ wide range tapping forces.

◆ real-time displays failed keys.


structural features

◆ rapid and stable tapping module.

◆ high accuracy ccd positioning.

◆ compatible with dual systems(win & mac).


◆ dimension: (l754)*(w500)*(h1113)mm.

◆ weight: 350 kg.

◆ lead time (l/t): 2-4 week.

◆ tapping speed:50 ms.

◆ cycle time(test excludes): 75(42) s.

◆ positioning accuracy:±0.03 mm.

◆ pressure accuracy:±1 g.

◆ ratios of repetition:<1.0%.