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optical wafer sort system

the equipment is a diffractive optical element (doe)integrated wafer inspection machine.

the equipment is a diffractive optical element (doe)integrated wafer inspection machine. mainly used for point-by-point inspection of doe integrated on the entire wafer. the test content includes the detection and determination of diffraction efficiency, diffraction azimuth angle, and diffraction uniformity. the equipment includes two parts: automatic wafer pick-and-place and optical testing. the detection of a single doe does not exceed two seconds.



♦ the use of spherical mirrors to achieve uniform light, suitable for large-scale mass production automation solutions;

♦ breaking through the key technology of precise wafer positioning, the wafer precise positioning clamping device is mainly used for positioning and fixing the wafer testing process;

♦ according to the deformation of the wafer itself, a z-axis motor is designed to compensate for the corresponding height;

♦ it can quickly locate the die coordinates of any position of the wafer with an accuracy of 0.02mm ;

♦ quickly deduce the deformation height of any die of the entire wafer,accuracy can be 0.02mm;




♦ product repeat positioning accuracy: ± 1um; positioning accuracy: ± 1.5um

♦ maximum acceleration: 0.5g; maximum speed: 5m / s; horizontal straightness    10um

♦ single doe caliber:φ 1mm~φ 10mm,               

  detection band range 600nm~1060nm(adjustable working spectrum band according to the working band of the object to be measured);

♦ diffraction efficiency accuracy:1%;

♦ maximum diffraction angle:2ω:140°;

♦ working distance:93mm