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on board charger assembly line

total 16 equipments, including screwing/ cutting / dispensing/ press-fit/ leakage test etc.
use pallet for the whole line flow.
compatible to various products, only need to replace pallet and machine fixture.

functional circuit test station

semi-conductor assembly and fct.

integrate ia fct for poka yoke, interlocking system to avoid broken components insert to good part.

camera to check holder status.

inspect for ng parts and submit photos to shop floor.


different screwing station

integrate depra screw driving system.

location guiding/anti return/smart stopper.

torque accuracy: max. torque /- 10%.

x/y position: /- 0.1 (z/0.5).

intelligent mask  for guiding screw driver location.

poka yoke and screw purging design.


leakage test station

integrate  ateq f620 leakage test system.

measurement accuracy: 1.5%.

leakage test (δp) range: 50pa, 500pa, 5000pa.

fixture designed for poka-yoke.


aoi station

◆ integrate ** camera and **  scanner to do aoi detection on previous assembled parts.

◆ camera to check the leakage test.

◆ camera to check the insertion of tht.

◆ inspect for ng parts and submit photos to shop floor