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leakage test machine

mobile phone, watch waterproof test
15s rapid test
air pressure accuracy: ±1pa
suitable for semi-finished and finished goods

this equipment implements a two-stage test:inspects test environment is non-interfering with a high performance tester on the first stage; then implements leakage test on dut. 

the equipment can implement automated functions of pressing dut, simulating test environment, testing parameters and sorting failure goods. it is a high precision equipment that is easy to operate and maintain.


functional features

◆ 15s rapid test

◆ air pressure accuracy: ±1pa

◆ one-button operation

◆ suitable for semi-finished and finished goods


structural features

◆ unibody sealed chamber

◆ high performance air pressure tester

◆ precise air pressure control system

◆ modular design



◆ dimension: (l754)*(w500)*(h1113)mm

◆ weight: 170kg

◆ lead time (l/t): 2-4 week

◆ cycle time(test excludes): 32(15)s

◆ testing accuracy: ±1pa

◆ communication port: i/o