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auto stiffener bonder

module design. standard mold change time: <25min
high-precision positioning
product size range of specifications

abs-100  and abs-1000 is mainly used in fpc industry.

it is automatically affixes stiffener onto fpc accurately by a high-precision vision system.



◆ equipped with a dual-ccd visual system for orientation of work platforms and robots. precision: ±0.02mm.

◆ high efficiency due to double platform design.

◆ stiffener: pi. range of dimension: 4*4~40*40 mm,thickness: 0.1-0.4 mm.

◆ equipped with hypertronics connector, which optimizes maintenance process.

◆ loading module installed with open api, which allows to install customized modules.


◆ attached time: 0.8-1.2s

◆ bonded accuracy: ±0.1mm

◆ angle deviation: ± 0.05°

◆ repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm

◆ ftq: >=98%


fpc& stiffener specification

◆ fpc dimension: 600*510(mm)

◆ stiffener dimension: 2*2 ~32*32(mm)

◆ stiffener thickness:1~0.4 max< 0.6 (mm)

◆ stiffener material: pi: reel,  same width

◆ steel film: single separate, in reel